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Tantra SPA by Veronique´s Motto : "BE READY TO BE CHANGED FOR EVER" even a devil was once an Angel.. 📞 +46 729336370 +46 729336188

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Sodermalm /Bohusgaten
11664 Stockholm



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Dear Stockholm's gentlemen❤️

welcome to our wonderful studio in Södermalm. We are thrilled, that one of the most popular and experienced tantra teachers, relationship coaches and masseues in Europe, Emma is working at our studio this week.


For those who want to experience an ultimate form of massage, where Emma uses all her techniques, tricks and special movements, that bring immense energy, excitement, bliss and relaxation.

🔥60 min+body to body+king's lingam+taste of NURU - 2200 Sek
🔥90 min+body to body+king's lingam+taste of NURU - 2700 Sek
🔥120 min+body to body+king's lingam+taste of NURU -3200 Sek

(The prices of the package without action would be: 60min 3500Sek/ 90min 3700Sek/ 120min 4200 Sek)

Emma is a tantric coach, group leader and professional masseuse.
She also is an extraordinary woman with great charisma, cat movements, velvet skin and genuine smile.

She has been practicing massages for over 10 years and educates herself continuously further in tantric field together with psychology, eastern philosophies, and shamanic skills.

She is contagiously enthusiastic, openly communicative, underestanding and can easily connect with you on a deep level, tunning instantly into your energy, needs and desires.

All her tools help her to share love through bodywork and because the essence of the client is touched or activated, you experience a deep relaxation that is not only physical, but also spiritual.
She is giving the feeling of coming home again, where everything is at ease and nothing can go wrong.

Her touch is loving, passionate and healing, finding exactly the right way how to fulfill your deepest longings and wishes.
She knows how to bring a man to whole being ecstasy and will catch your attention from the first sight. Meeting her is a rare and unique experince...


⭐️⭐️⭐️“I have previously visited numerous tantric massages all over the Europe.
I honestly did not think that in my age of 45 I would experience something completly new in the field of sexuality.
However, what was happening today in session with Emma took my breath away. The meeting had an another dimension.
She not only is gorgeous, sexy and superhot woman. There is a brain and experience behind her beautiful fasade. She knows exactly what she is doing and where she is heading to.
How is it possible that she knew my body and my reactions better than I do it is a mystery to me.
She is kind, warmhearted and witty. She effortlessly creates profound connection from the very first moment of the session. What is more than obvious, she loves what she does.
She has made such an impression that I can hardly imagine that any other masseues can give me even close experience. This was absolute top!”⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️“Jag har just fått uppleva ett helt fantastiskt möte med Emily. Herre gud hon är helt underbar. Fantastiskt vacker och charmig. Ser verkligen fram mot att ses igen.”⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️⭐️⭐️“Just came out from my appointment with Emily and I have to say just: Wow! I feel like a new person after a truly unique experience. It is today I realize I have actually never had a real tantric experience because This was truly at another level! Namaste!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 “⭐️⭐️⭐️

🌸Trainings and certificates:🌸

🔸Skydancing Tantra - John Hawken, 2 years
🔸Sexual Deconditioning - Svarup and Premartha de König, 2 years
🔸Sexuological Bodywork - John Hawken, 1 year
🔸Energy Counselling - Ma Prem Sugandho, 2 years
🔸Chacra Alchemy - Ma Prem Sugandho, 3 years
🔸Primal Therapy - Svarup and Premartha de König, 3 years
🔸More than a Touch-Psychical Massage - Praphulla Willhelm, 2 years
🔸Inner Man Inner Woman - Praphulla Willhelm, 1 year
🔸Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Healing - Alicia Hamm, 1 year
🔸Erricksons Hypnosis and NLP - Bhagat J. Zeilhofer, 2 years
🔸Meditation Facilitating - Vatayana

🌸 Massages:🌸
▪️Tantric massages - different kinds
▪️Classical and relaxation massage
▪️Sports massage- former masseuse of Czech olympic ice-hockey team and NHL players
▪️Dorn’s method (fixing spine position and releasing pain)
▪️Taoistic massage
▪️Ayurvedic massage
▪️Indian head massage

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. The therapist will make all the settings perfectly clear together with you before beginning of each session.


60 min (includes 2 extras: body to body+waving) 2000 SEK
90 min (includes 2 extras: body to body+waving) 2500 SEK
120 min (includes 2 extras: body to body+waving) 3000 SEK

🌟NURU massage 700 SEK

Name comes from “slippery/smooth”- is an ancient Japanese technique, when masseus rubs her body against the client’s, both parties are nude and covered with massage oil/ gel.
She will get the widest possible physical contact, trigerring strong sensations.
This can bring indescribable feelings of excitement and uplifting going hand in hand with whole body orgasm.

The Kingslingam is a Lingam massage worthy of a the masseuse puts all her focus and energy in to giving you experience of a lifetime. She will use tricks and movements that you never experienced before, to bring you to heaven and backd and denied energy to expand throughout

🌟BDSM(600 SEK)
Why the dark fantazies are the missing piece of sacred sexuality?
Now you have an opportunity to get the answer:
In this session you are engaged in contract based on trust and intimacy. (The therapist only have controll because you allow it and can feel safety.)
The idea is not to suffer but to consciously and carefully play with your mind, the pain and pleasure thereshold and your orgasm controll.
Intensity can be light or on the edge depending on what you both desire. She can find ways to take you to the very limit of pleasure and pain that you can tollerate.

On deeper levels It can transform power into love, fears into excitement, resistance into surrender, guilt into pleasure, so that you can fully relax and allow all the supressed and denied energy to expand throughout your body.

With a background as a gymnast Emily has extremly flexible body and tallented feet and toes. She can do things that you never thought were possible.

Did you know that every man has an area in his body that is same or even more erotogen than the penis? Yes, like a hidden gem the prostate glance is laying there waiting to be awakened and stimulated. Experience the kind of internal orgasm you have never felt before. This massage is known also for very positive influence on your Health- can

A SPA ritual where you will tune in with your masseuse that will wash away all the stress and daily routine... and will help you to tune in with the masseuse under the warm water

🌟BODY TO BODY ( 500 SEK included in massage package )
Do you want to feel the softness of the skin and sexy female curves? To be taken over by amazing woman´s moves? Than body to body is an ultimate experience.

🌟WAVING ( 500 SEK included in massage package)
This technique has a bigger focus on your lingam. Spending more time than normal lingam massage, it aims to bring you close to climax over and over again until the grand finale.

60 MIN -1800 SEK

🍀The session includes shower (before and after massage), talk and massage.


🌸Usefull advices:
🔹We recommend to make an appointment A FEW HOURS in advance.
🔹In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
The therapist will make all the settings perfectly clear together with you before beginning of each session.

🔹Alcohol or drug consumption is not recommended before or during the session, and if you will come drunk to our studio then you will not be accepted for the treatment.
🔹We do not provide any sexual services.
Thank you for underestanding.

We guarantee meetings with the most educated, beautiful, skilled and hot masseuses, in a lovely, cosy and discreet studio!

With love, Tantra Spa ❤️
🍀Tel. +46 729336370
+46 729 336 188🍀


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